日本学生十连休后自杀 “开学日”成自杀高峰

日本学生十连休后自杀 “开学日”成自杀高峰


▲ Japan's Suicide Forest Is Even Scarier Than It Sounds(胆小勿看)

Japan's youth suicide rate highest in 30 years


More Japanese children and teenagers killed themselves between 2016 and 2017 than in any year since 1986, according to a new government report.
The latest survey shows 250 elementary and high school age children took their own lives in that year for a variety of reasons including bullying, family issues and stress, the country's Ministry of Education said Monday, according to local media.



1) 表示“威逼”,英文解释为“If someone bullies you into something, they make you do it by using force or threats.”举个:

We think an attempt to bully them into submission would be counterproductive.


2) 表示“欺负”,英文解释为“If someone bullies you, they use their strength or power to hurt or frighten you.”举个:

I wasn't going to let him bully you.


Those figures were 5 up on the previous year, and the highest since 1986, when 268 pupils died.
"The number of suicides of students have stayed high, and that is an alarming issue which should be tackled," ministry official Noriaki Kitazaki told reporters. He said the cause of the rise was unclear.
Most of those who killed themselves were high school students. The government previously recorded an annual spike in suicides on September 1, the start of the new school year.



1) 作名词,表示“(数量或比率的)激增”,英文解释为“a sudden large increase in the number or rate of something ”如:a spike in interest rates 利率的大幅上调;

2) 作不及物动词,表示“激增”,英文解释为“if the number or rate of something spikes, it increases quickly and by a large amount ”举个:

New telephone orders have spiked in the last two years.


3) 作及物动词,还可以表示“在…里偷偷掺入(烈酒或药物)”,英文解释为“to secretly add strong alcohol or a drug to someone's drink or food”,用法:spike sth with sth,举个:

The orange juice had been spiked with gin.


"The long break from school enables you to stay at home, so it's heaven for those who are bullied," Nanae Munemasa, then 17, told CNN in 2015. "When summer ends, you have to go back. And once you start worrying about getting bullied, committing suicide might be possible."
Munemasa considered suicide herself due to bullying, before going public with her story in an attempt to help other young people.

2015年,当时年仅17岁的Nanae Munemasa接受采访时说:“放长假了学生就可以待在家里,所以对于那些被欺负的人来说,这就是天堂。”“夏天结束,学生必须返校。一旦开始担心被欺负,他们就可能选择自杀。”

go public

1) 表示“公开,公之于众”,英文解释为“to tell everyone about something that was secret”举个:

The planners are almost ready to go public on the road-building scheme.


2) 表示“(公司)公开发售股票,上市”,英文解释为“to become a public company”举个:

Many partnerships went public in the 1980s to secure extra capital.

While the youth suicide rate was up last fiscal year, the total number of suicides in Japan fell to 21,321 in 2017, from a peak of 34,427 in 2003, according to the National Police Agency.


In 2016, Japan's government announced a plan to cut the country's suicide rate by 30% by 2026, particularly among young people, according to the Japan Times. Part of the plan includes hiring counselors for every elementary and junior high school in the country, and launching a 24-hour helpline.


"We'd love to eliminate such tragedies altogether, but the reality is several hundred children are taking their lives (each year)," education ministry official Koju Matsubayashi told the newspaper.

counselor / counsellor

counsellor /ˈkaʊnsələ/表示“咨询师,顾问”,英文解释为“A counsellor is a person whose job is to give advice to people who need it, especially advice on their personal problems.”也可以指“(儿童夏令营的)辅导员”(A counsellor is a young person who supervises children at a summer camp.)

take one's life

表示“杀死某人,取(某人)的性命”,英文解释为“If someone takes another person's life, they kill them. If someone takes their own life, they kill themselves.”举个:

Before execution, he admitted to taking the lives of at least 6 more women.


"It's important to teach children how to get help as soon as possible ... because it becomes harder and harder to find help once they're already suffering. The light at the end of the tunnel gets darker and darker until they begin to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as death."

Suicide crisis

While Japan has long struggled with high suicide rates -- it is the leading cause of death among young people -- the issue also persists across the wider Asia-Pacific region.



1) 表示“继续存在(发生)”,英文解释为“If something bad persists, it continues to exist or happen”举个:

If the pain persists, you must see a doctor.


2) 表示“坚持;执意”,英文解释为“to continue to do something, although this is difficult, or other people oppose it”举个:

‘I don't think it's right,’ He persisted.


In Asia, only South Korea has a higher suicide rate than Japan, according to the World Health Organization, at 26.9 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017, compared to 18.5 for Japan and 3.2 for the Philippines. It is also one of the leading causes of death in Hong Kong.


As well as stress caused by East Asian countries' intense work cultures, experts said many parts of the region also have a stigma against seeking treatment for depression or other interventions that could help reduce suicide.



stigma /'stɪɡmə,ˋstɪgmə/表示“耻辱,羞辱,见不得人的感觉”,英文解释为“a strong feeling in society that being in a particular situation or having a particular illness is something to be ashamed of”举个:

There is a social stigma attached to single parenthood.



约会应用企业Match Group开拓亚洲市场

中刚出现过,“Initially there was a personal embarrassment around it . . . [But] it's the stigma — the stigma's really eroding,” she said. 金斯伯格表示:“起初说起约会应用,人们会感到尴尬……(但是)这是一种污名,而这种污名正在真正褪去。”
Research shows that suicide can also be contagious, with the death of one person or multiple people contributing to a rise in suicidal behavior among others, especially those who already have suicidal thoughts or a known risk factor for suicide.



contagious /kən'teɪdʒəs/ 1) 表示“(疾病)接触传染的”,英文解释为“A disease that is contagious can be caught by touching people or things that are infected with it.”

2) 表示“(感情、态度、行动)富于感染力的,会蔓延的”,英文解释为“If a feeling, attitude, or action is contagious, other people are quickly affected by it and begin to have it or do it”,如:her contagious enthusiasm 她那富有感染力的热情。

▲ Suicide Forest (胆小勿看)

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